To build the future we want to live in, hopefully there will be enough people to share this perspective.

The plan consists of 3 steps: recruitment, behavior research, and deus ex machina.

Recruitment step is to help deeptech talent and companies find each other [I want to see solar system colonization while I'm alive], and help me with revenue and data. Yet the recommendations might be applied to anything.

Behavioral research is to preprocess data for the next step.

Deus ex machina step is about simulating society with agents based on the behavioral models with focus on super-ego, you can call it computational philosophy or advanced game theory played around on the global scale.

more info on recruitment more info on behavioral models more info on deus ex machina

The articles are quite sloppy, hopefully I'll rewrite them some day.


Recruitment: data labeling - resume and job description mapping. Availability button. Ping by the relevancy.

Keeping it simple.

p.s. I want to literally replace advertisement, so no data will be sold.